Drugs @ The Hope 05/11/2011

Drugs @ The Hope, Brighton 05/11/2011

19:30-22:30, £4/£3 NUS.


“DRUGS is back for an exhilarating night of live music, featuring in no particular order, THE MOVE-ONS, THEM THE SKY, BAT COUNTRY, CHEMICAL SMILE and WE SPIES. It’s gonna be an incredible night featuring five of the area’s premium bands at their absolute peak!”
-Drugs Facebook Page

Art Noise Events NEVER condone or recommend drugs. There are 2 exceptions to this rule:

  1. When taken as part of a prescription from a Doctor.
  2. When Drugs is in fact the name of a quality night of music with an excellent selection of bands.

This fine little event falls under the 2nd category. If you ever wanted a reason to remember the 5th of November then this should have been it. Forget standing in the cold staring at the same explosions you see every year, we stood indoors to see a show that promised to be more exciting, more flashy, and far louder than those rockets you bought from the back of that strange looking guys truck.

Drugs delivered a great mix of indie rock, with a beautiful variance of catchy riffs and harmonious melodies. It would be unfair to single out a single bands performance, as every one of them provided their own style and brought something new to the stage, delighting the energetic crowd.

It is rare to go out, see 5 bands for less than five pounds and enjoy every single one, but Drugs did exactly that.

It is fairly safe to say Art Noise are addicted to Drugs.


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