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The London based hip-hop/electro swing duo The Correspondents descended on Brighton’s Concorde 2, and did not disappoint the sold out venue.

First on were the Lazy Habits, who did a fantastic job of warming the crowd up. Their combination of jazzy beats and hip-hop MCing had everyone ready for the main act in no time. They put in a solid performance, before Mr. Bruce of The Correspondents popped on stage to join them, the highlight being a cover of the Justice vs. Simian classic ‘We are your friends’ which had everyone chanting along.

A brief interim gave The Correspondents front man a chance to change into a black and green matador outfit, before performing a fantastic set, which had the whole crowd jumping to ‘What’s happened to Soho’ and new track ‘Cheating with you’. If you have never seen The Correspondents then you need to have a look on Youtube, because the stage presence of Mr. Bruce is unbelievable. Limbs flail in an almost hypnotic way, which looks both completely random and beautifully choreographed at the same time. His MC skills are not to be missed either, at one moment promising “If I stop rapping you can drop me” before jumping into the crowd, surfing all the way to the back of the room and then back to the stage, all the while MCing both on time and incredibly fast.

The atmosphere the entire evening was electrifying, and if you ever get a chance at a festival, or if they are playing near you, go see them, I promise it’s worth it.





Lazy Habits

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