chilled electronica music from Banco De Gaia
Got a lot of love for this track from Banco de Gaia. It’s ambient electronica, so if you liked the Smallprint Vol. 1 Compilation we reviewed we think you will love this. Lose yourself in a sea of relaxing soundscapes as electronic beats harmonise effortlessly with world instruments to provide […]

Banco De Gaia – Le Foucauld (Video)

SmallPrint Recordings Integer - Rivière Noire
We are big fans of the Brighton based label Smallprint. This EP from Integer is a real testament to their ‘future:ambient’ sound, however there is definitely a little more energy in this release. The tracks have a sense of urgency and pace, we have gone from lounging in a space […]

Integer – Rivière Noire EP

My birthday gift from a good friend? Well he sent me a link to this. A wonderfully ambient hour of music, simply by playing the Jurassic Park theme at a 1000% slower speed. Escapism at its finest. Enjoy!

Editors Pick: Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower)