Banco De Gaia – Le Foucauld (Video)

Got a lot of love for this track from Banco de Gaia. It’s ambient electronica, so if you liked the Smallprint Vol. 1 Compilation we reviewed we think you will love this. Lose yourself in a sea of relaxing soundscapes as electronic beats harmonise effortlessly with world instruments to provide a beautiful sound. Do you like Bonobo? If so this is most certainly up your alley. Sadly we missed his Brighton show at the Haunt, but we definitely recommend keeping an eye on his website for upcoming tour dates.

They say “Rolling congas, jangling sitar, undulating bass, syncopated breakbeats, mournful strings and a defiant yelp, ‘Le Foucauld’ exhibits all the panache of his classic output.” For those  who like to analyse the music then technically it’s all very impressive, but quite frankly I am too relaxed to care about all that, now lay down and enjoy this or get out of here.

Verdict: Make yourself very comfortable hit play and get lost in this.

Click here to visit his website.