Brighton Photography Feature: We need you!

Hello, we love you Brighton Photographers, you are all such lovely folk. Any how, we want to feature your favourite photo that you have ever taken on our site in a digital gallery. I know this can be difficult, and some of your favourite shots may look out of place when not in context, but try your best, and send them over to Provide your name, a link to your work and the reason you chose the image alongside the image itself. Try to keep images below 1mb where possible!

Here is one of our own shots that we like to get the idea:

Stewart Noise - Air Ambulance landing on The CobbStewart Noise – Air Ambulance Landing (
This shot was chosen because I am a huge fan of catching shots that are unique. Not many people were in the position I was in, with the equipment I had to grab this action shot. It was not part of a stage show, this is the real deal. Somebody had fallen off the Cobb in Lyme Regis, and these guys swept in to get them to hospital ASAP. I have a huge amount of respect for this mostly charity run organisation. Shot wise I think I love the way the sand kicks out from underneath the helicopter as it sweeps in to land.