Gili Dailes – Music & Art Photography

My Little Theme Park

When I enter a new venue and look at the stage that’s in front of me, I can’t help but imagine it as the door to an unknown theme park. I can’t wait to go inside, try all the rides and start playing around with all the options that I have.

The thrill of not knowing which theme park you’re going to enter until the very beginning of the show is what makes it so fascinating for me.

The constant change in lights, movements and expressions is challenging and very inspiring. I’m never fully in my comfort zone, and I think that’s where the magic can happen.

Similar to how I shoot concerts, in my art photography I seek unique light compositions and structures.

Some places are being captured as they are, while others are produced on the spot by using manipulations such as long exposures and intentional blurriness.

Put the two of them together, and you can start telling a whole new story.


Our Verdict: We loved the selection of shots Gili sent us, there is something organic and humanistic in the way she captures expressions and actions within her work. The combinations (viewable in the slideshow at the top of the page) bring new stories to the images and this makes for fascinating viewing that left us wanting more. Luckily you can head to the website and twitter below to see more of Gili’s work.