Dirt Royal – Dr Weekend Mr Week (Video)

This video caught our attention because it’s a testament to why some people should never do drugs. You know the Snickers ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ adverts? Well this video is a similar style only more like ‘you’re not you when you’ve gone on a class A narcotics binge.’

The track itself is a hearty dollop of punk rock, filled with all the energy you would expect. It’s music to jump around to, or trash your own house party to, or go sliding down a hill in an old bathtub to. Your grandma would hate it, but she’s not alive anymore so you can go trash her house too.

Verdict: It’s like a snickers advert, but for drugs. And if your grandma is alive she won’t want this as a birthday present. You should definitely buy it for her as a birthday present.

You can purchase Dr Weekend Mr Week on 7inch vinyl here. Then throw it out of a hotel window in the name of punk and watch it shatter on the curb, narrowly missing a corporate bigwig who will then spend the rest of the day contemplating his very existence.