Bloom – Shout (Video)

Any band who state their influences as “tiny wriggling things, giant galactic things, magic, nature and people” are certain to pique my interest, and Bloom do not disappoint with their cosmic pop sound. The backing synth to Shout, the first single from upcoming album What is Life adds that cosmic energy to the track whilst the overlapping melodies of guitar and synth create a blissful audioscape worth exploring. Imagine floating in a bubble across the stratosphere, pointing out stars as they twinkle all around you and you’ve captured the essence of this song and the band’s sound.


The video, which shows the forming of a mushroom by strands of Mycelia has a message too:

“Mushroom spores create single strands of mycelia which grow faster when they come across other strands. Where many strands come together, a mushroom will surface. Due to an underground network of love, ideas and support, we can express ourselves and reach up from the tiniest of beginnings.”

The intrigue of the video is well worth noting – and without knowledge of the subject matter you might think it was some alien lifeform filling the screen… which Bloom would probably have been equally happy to use had such footage been available.

Verdict: We’ve added this one to our awesome mixtape for exploring the galaxy, and you should too.

You can catch Bloom kicking off their album tour on October 7th at The Latest Bar, Brighton.

What is Life is released on October 7th too!

Keep up to date with the band on their website –