Anna Jaxe – Piano Stencil @ MAP Studio Cafe, Kentish Town

Stencil artist Anna Jaxe completed her most ambitious project to date, painting this mural of an open upright piano on the side of the creative hub MAP in Kentish Town, London.

The piece measures 140 x 120 cm and was created with 12 separate stencils. It’s a great fit for the location as MAP Studio Cafe plays host to a range of art and music events, acting as a cultural hotspot for the area. Venue owner Chris loved Anna’s concept because the piano was ‘the start of everything’, which is what gave the piece its title.

The detail on the mural is beautiful and the piece brings an edge of old-school cool to the street.

“As my piano resides on the street, it is an open invitation to anyone who wants to take a seat” Anna Jaxe added.

Find more of Anna’s work here:

  • MAP Studio Cafe until March 31st.
  • Flux Exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts from 11-15th April.
  • Roys People Art Fair at The Bargehouse, OXO Tower from 12-15th April.
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Artist Bio

Anna Jaxe is an artist who specialises in stencilling. Her work is often inspired by music and urban culture. Growing up around the pockets of wealth and poverty that litter Greater London, Anna Jaxe is influenced by the conflict between the haves and the have not’s in contemporary society. Jaxe’s work focuses on the accessibility of music and how it’s relationship with fashion can blur those divisions. She spray paints on reclaimed, mass-produced materials that are often used by individuals as a declaration of aspiration as well as an expression of self.