Single Review: Amie Jay – Long Gone


Let Amie Jay’s melancholy folk music wash over you. Her delicate voice carrying you through these difficult times.

‘Long Gone’ is a heartbreaking acoustic Folk-Pop track, with gently picked guitar, layered harmonies and sombre lyrics – softly dissecting the breakdown of a relationship. The chilled, mellow feel combined with the perspective of disappointment and missed opportunity, the track is faded sunsets and lost love personified.

Amy Johnson is an Alternative Folk/Pop artist, whose music is emotional, honest and packed with authentic experience. She has recently taken the step from acoustic work to create a fully-fledged concept EP which combines acoustic tracks with electronic and even hip-hop elements. The 2nd single from her forthcoming EP is out now.

Verdict: It’s definitely one that takes us back to sitting on dew wet fields on an early summer morning at a British folk festival, gently nursing our hangover with the largest glass of lemonade the bar would serve us. Those times seem so far away now… long gone.