Single Review: Eiza Murphy – Acquaintance

Take a haunting journey through the melancholy electronic sound of Eiza Murphy’s latest single ‘Acquaintance’. The song, according to the press release, is “about fair-weather friends who only stick around for the good times. Eiza wrote this song about a circle of friends from her past that she realized were only ‘party friends,’ with no real depth in the relationship.”

The result is a beautiful if sombre afair, that lets Eiza’s powerful vocals take front and centre stage for the majority of the track. Only when the chorus kicks in do we get to hear the punchy digitalised beat kick in, backed with a warbling synth that adds the kind of exclamation Eiza was no doubt going for as she sings “you’re just an acquaintance.”

In Eiza’s words:

This song kind of came out of nowhere. I was sitting in a session when I suddenly felt the urge to write about feelings I hadn’t felt in years. I used to be ina circle of friends who were only held together by their want to go out, and climb social ladders. It got pretty nasty and dark sometimes, and felt kind of lonely. I wrote ‘Acquaintance’ in hindsight, even though I felt all those emotions while in that chapter of my life. This song feels like a long overdue release for me and my younger self, and I think it’s my favorite song yet.

We think it might be ours too Eiza!

Eiza Murphy is preparing to tour across Europe, supporting NEVE, for the month of May, where she will perform Acquaintance for the first time. After having music featured in Netflix’s ‘Riverdale’ series, Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ and ‘Pop Rising,’ charting at #1 on iTunes Ireland three times, and featuring on radio stations such as BBC Introducing and RTE2FM as the ‘Track of The Week,’ Eiza is excited for this next release.

The track releases on April 25th and we will update this article with a link as soon as it becomes available.

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