Editors Choice: 8-bitscapes


This comes straight out of Prescription Art, who have just opened up a permanent gallery in Brighton over at 1 Beaconsfield Parade, BN1 6DN. Last time I went to a pop-up Prescription Art gallery was a few years back, so it’s great to see they have finally got a permanent space.

The pictures I have chosen to show you today appeal to my love for classic video games. The Prescription Art site has this to say about the work:

“A collaborative project by illustrator Jamie Sneddon and photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson, 8-bitscapes are thought provoking images that place well loved, iconic characters from the golden age of gaming into real-life scenarios. As a result you will find them munching, invading, racing, battling and bleeping their way around the planet.”

This is one for those who used to push buttons to make light flash on big heavy tellyboxes with tiny screens. Enjoy.