Common Tongues – New Moon

New Moon Brighton Music Review

We have an audio visual treat for you all today. Common Tongues have a new single titled ‘New Moon’ complete with a video. The gif above pretty much captures the gist of the video. Two women have a big fight, but it’s all in reverse you see. There are flashbacks to a wild party, but the viewer is left to come to their own conclusion about the story behind the scuffle. It’s well shot and compliments the gritty indie folk sound of New Moon. I should really talk about the music a little more so here we go.Common Tongues have done a splendid job. It’s a well produced piece and the press release did not lie when it mentions that New Moon “Stand’s tall and demands attention.” Musically it is gripping, and there is a sense of dark foreboding about the track, whilst still offering glimmers of beauty within its melancholy construction. All in all New Moon is a well polished package, albeit a package of dark gritty surrealism… a bit like pork scratchings.

Upon watching the video below, you will no doubt be expecting that the end shall reveal why these two ladies have resorted to brutal violence, but alas you are left with more questions… What exactly is that red liquid in the bottle? What is it’s significance to the events that unfold? Were they friends, lovers, or mortal enemies? Knowing the outcome at the start only adds to the torment, which we have to applaud.

Verdict: We love it. But then we also love pork scratchings.

Common Tongues – New Moon is released on June 8th and is available to preorder now! Watch the video below and if you like it be sure to catch them at Forgotten Fields Festival in Brighton on August 7th.

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