Colour of Spring – Pillow

At the time of writing this review I am sitting in my apartment whilst outside Brighton slowly freezes over. The cold January air and dark night sky are enough to make any man forget there ever was a summer, or even a spring for that matter. The world is grey, bleak and unrelenting in providing misery. And then I clicked play on Pillow, the latest track from Colour of Spring. A warm glow filled the air. Blissful walks on soft grass on the river bank with warm rays of July sunshine filled my mind, and for a fleeting three minutes and forty-four seconds I was transported to a happier place. Then the song ended and I went back to feeling as miserable as fuck. I hate winter.

Pillow is a track that will warm you up, but is that a good thing? Because in theĀ absence that follows you feel even colder. Best press play again.

If you want to feel warm and fuzzy for longer you should check them out live, playing at Green Door Store on February 15th. That’s if you can survive this harshest of harsh months first.

Good luck, and god speed.

Verdict: Beautifully warm and calming. And then it ends. Why does it have to end?