Tuval – In My Head (New Video)

Tuval is a 19 year old song writing muli-instrumentalist producer, who for the last 3 years has kept re-shaping and innovating his music which lurks and haunts Brighton Town.

His new video emerges to the surface, taking us along a dreamlike ride of confusion, hysteria, beauty and vigour. In the aesthetic there’s something reminiscent of old school 90’s grunge videos, which compliments the gust of shoegaze punch in the choruses. Tuval’s murky sentiments and bell like guitar chimes sink deep in to the elusive visual memoirs, and as this fiesta commences, it is hypnotising. As we get deeper in to the whirlwind psychedelia shot in Prague, echoes of Kafka, ghosts and alienation spiral; in cathedrals, cemeteries and lost rooms.

Verdict: A sonic and visual feast, not to be missed!

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(Featured photo by Polly Miles)