The Art Club – I Am Yours (New Video)

The Art Club are a Brighton based post punk band who have been making waves in venues across the city. Their single ‘I am yours’ launches with a video very apt for the band’s style. It’s all angsty and slightly depressing and well… exactly what you expect from post punk.

A man (played by band front man David Murdoch) sits on a couch singing at what we can assume is his disinterested lover, and it’s all in black and white and quite beautifully shot. Simplicity is the order of the day here, letting the music do the work in what I would class as a more artistic version of Eastenders.

Turns out that’s all you need though, as Dave (we’re gonna call him Dave, not sure he likes being called Dave but it’s fine) has a haunting yet encapsulating voice. The use of synth (mastered by a chap called Will) is a lovely touch, and the drumming has a technical quality that brings it together (thanks Danny). Oh there’s a bassist too, called Bertie. Bertie bassist, not to be confused with the star of Liquorice Allstars Bertie Bassett. The songs have bass, not really much to say there (we await some crazed Bass solo in another song perhaps… but then again perhaps not).

Verdict: The Art Club are worth spending time or money on if you like your post punk to look and sound pretty.

Check out the band Facebook page or their Soundcloud for more.