Them The Sky – Otherness (Video)

Them The Sky are back on the scene with a brand new single and video we think you will love. This is the first recorded track to be released with new string section made up of violinist Laura and cellist Fern and it may just be our favourite track yet.

The addition of these two creates a haunting yet epic soundscape that will leave you truly mesmerised. It’s like watching an elegant gentleman fall over in super slow motion, which might have been a good idea for the music video if they hadn’t gone for the stunning work of Jeb Hardwick.

A crow flys over a city and a single feather drops to the ground below; exploding and sending a red trail of destruction across the city. It’s artistically beautiful and apocalyptic, yet elegant. Altogether it is beautiful and terrifying and will leave you wanting more from this stunning 7 piece.

Verdict: It’s the end of the world. And it’s bloody beautiful.

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