Review: Good Guy Clarence – Live Wavey Head Session

Brighton based Good Guy Clarence enchant with their first live session filmed with Wavey Head.

Playing two songs, Teach Me to Dance and Truisms, the 10-minute session is the visual and audio equivalent of a deep breath: refreshing, relaxing and straight up good for the soul.

Opening with soft lighting, hazy focus and a chorus of perfectly harmonised voices, there is an organic and welcoming theme to the session. As Teach Me to Dance kicks in, the viewer is treated to a multi-layered experience with dynamic camera work and angles that shift as often as the time signatures. Cuts to external footage in black and white work to produce an all-encompassing live session recording, capturing a fuller feel of the band and their music.

Dreamily, the track changes and the charismatic Truisms drifts to centre stage. The band’s harmonised vocals again lead the track, this time through a lazy waltz, and are captured visually with hazy out-of-focus footage.

Warm tones enhance the dreamy summer afternoon vibe of the track before the listener’s attention is focused again with short, sharp bursts of percussion. In complete contrast to its soft, gradual entrance, Truism ends unexpectedly, leaving the end of the session with an air of expectancy and a piqued desire to hear more.

Our Verdict: Good Guy Clarence are skilled musicians, playfully experimenting to create something that is complex yet easy to listen to. Complimented beautifully by the skilful production technique of Wavey Head, their first live session is a promising insight to what the band has in store and a perfect teaser for their next record.

P.S don’t forget to keep an eye out for a well known vampire slayer, you’ll know what we mean when you see it!

Words by Terri Witherden

Photo by Jack Wolter