Preview: ONLY GOD: A Dreamscape – You Cry Wolf @ Green Door Store (16/06/17)

Fancy trying something bold, exciting and ambitious this Friday?

You Cry Wolf promise exactly that at their multi-sensory show ‘ONLY GOD: a dreamscape’.

This is the bands latest immersive show at The Green Door Store on the 16th of June 2017.

You Cry Wolf wanted to create a space for the audience at their shows which is an extension of the narrative landscape of the music performed.

At the shows they create an immersive, all-encompassing environment from within which audiences can piece together a sense of story using the fragments they are provided (lyrics, music, visuals, setting) – in this way the band give their audience members agency to create their own version of ‘what happened’, their own narrative, their own conclusions.

So it’s like the audience is immersed inside the narrative not only by having it play out all around them with live music, visuals, even scents, and specifically designed setting, but in the way that they share the responsibility of the narrative itself to create meaning from the events that occur.

In short: be prepared to truly immerse yourself in a performance.


Head over to the Facebook event page or buy your tickets now.