Art Preview: White Night 1

29/10/2011, Brighton & Hove, 6pm-6am

“White Night is Brighton & Hove’s unique all night cultural festival which takes place every year on the last Saturday in October when the clocks go back.
Every event has been created specially for the festival, for one night only.
So mark the end of British Summer time and make the most of the extra hour of darkness at White Night in the company of the city’s artists, venues, creators and curators.”

White Night Website

Art Noise will be writing a detailed review on as many events that occur at White Night as possible. We will be running all over the place taking in the beautiful art, film and sculptures on display. If you have never been before expect interactive exhibits, colourful displays, surreal theatre performances and lots of walking.

Tips for getting the most out of White Night

  • Planning is  key – If possible grab one of the handy map guides from one of the pubs in Brighton or go on the White Night website ( and write down what you like the sound of, and the time it is running. You can then plan your journey through the city. You still won’t fit it all in, and remember to allow time for walking, queuing and resting.
  • Pack Supplies – Some cafes and restaurants are staying open late, but you may find yourself on a hike to see an exhibit with no such place within sight. Pack some food and drink and if you really want to ensure you stay up until sunrise you may need energy stimulants such as red bull and pro plus pills. Trust me, that 2am sandwich munch and caffeine boost will keep you going just that bit longer!
  • Power Nap! – If you have Saturday off then do as the Spanish do and grab a siesta. Those few hours will help you last longer through the night and become more tolerant of standing out in the cold for extended periods of time.
  • Don’t forget the essentials – Last but not least, wrap up warm, be safe, and have fun!

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