Smallprint Vol. 1 (Compilation)


Smallprint Records classes itself as  a “future ambient” label, which is actually a perfect description for this compilation. The imperfect but slightly longer description is below.

Listening will instantly transport you on to a starship, lazily drifting through a bright nebula, the viewing platforms large windows allowing you to see a vast universe, thousands of star systems, each one giving off a unique shimmer, forming a spectacular view for you to soak in.

This is what this compilation is all about: each track acts like a star, on it’s own shining brightly, but all the more beautiful as part of the universe it sits in, the universe that we call Smallprint Volume 1.

Verdict: Put this on your iPod, go out to the South Downs, sit atop a hill on a clear night and look up at the stars. Then try and tell me this isn’t incredible. I cannot wait to see what else this label comes up with.

Smallprint Recordings Website