Review: Glass City Vice + Quiet Lions + Aniseed Treats @ The Hope & Ruin 15/04/15

The sun is setting on Queens Road, Brighton as I enter my local, The Hope & Ruin, grab a hot dog and prepare for the night ahead. To promote the launch of their new single ‘Landslide’ Alt Rock band Glass City Vice are hosting an intimate gig, and I was itching to see them live. I scoffed the hotdog (which was delicious) and headed upstairs to catch the first support act…

Aniseed Treats

Imagine spending the evening down on a beach, drinking with friends, the waves creeping forward as your mind wanders to nostalgic memories of ice cream and inflatable rubber rings. Then imagine the sun setting and as night falls you all decide to tear off your clothes and go skinny dipping. Aniseed Treats are the musical equivalent of this, a blend of calming mellow and energetic spontaneous crazy. You may regret skinny dipping in the morning, but you won’t regret listening to Aniseed Treats.


Quiet Lions

Quiet Lions are a band that know how to be remembered. An inspiring stage presence was not even hindered when front man Michael Williams had an issue with a guitar strap he simply knelt down and continued playing, all the while singing “This is a new low”. I can imagine he hadn’t meant it to be so literal.

The performance brought visions of speeding through city streets whilst a dark ominous cloud looms above. There’s a worry it will all get too dark to see, but you enjoy the bright lights racing past all the same.

There is something about Quiet Lions sound that hints at trouble brewing, but also a hopeful optimism with it, and it is this combination that makes them really stand out.


Glass City Vice

Chunky drums and melodic guitar riffs, Glass City Vice could quite easily be the musical equivalent of a triple chocolate sundae coated in sugar sprinkles. Except I cannot imagine ever having too much of Glass City Vice and having to throw up all over the carpet. Their sound is well rounded and a real asset to the Alt-Rock genre. They performed new single ‘Landslide’ with enthusiasm, and you get a feeling they really enjoy these smaller gigs, goading the crowd in to clapping and cheering throughout the performance.