Review: Strange Cages + Ferdi @ Pop Up Brighton ‘Local Record Store’ 16/04/15

To tie in with Record Store Day 2015, Pop Up Brighton have been hosting a record shop all week selling only local artists work. On top of selling records, CD’s and merch, they are also hosting intimate acoustic gigs too. I popped down to take a look and was not disappointed…



This Madrid born singer / songwriter has a wonderful voice, and as you can see from the video above, was well suited to the up close and personal gig. I imagine listening to this whilst watching the rain pour down on my window,looking out at the drab landscape and remembering brighter days. It’s soothing, and each track was like receiving a reassuring hug from an old friend.


Strange Cages

Normally a 3 piece, this “usually much louder” trio became a simple duo for this acoustic set, armed with only a guitar and a tambourine but not lacking in the youthful attitude that defines them. Their sound (if only for tonight) was reminiscent of long dusty roads leading nowhere in particular. Campfires, drinking whiskey neat and living each day as if it’s your last, this is care free, verging on arrogant, and a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing these guys when they replace the tambourine with drums and the acoustic with the electric. For now there is a taster from Soundcloud you can listen to below.