Peter Mercer – 11 EP

Peter Mercer Brighton Music Review blog11 is the debut EP from Peter Mercer, a London based acoustic act who isn’t afraid to blend soft synth electronica alongside his vocals and guitar. Tell Me is the stand out track for this, and it delivers an emotional soundscape that seems to have influences in both the folk and house genres. Even the tracks where it is solely Peter’s voice and guitar can invoke an emotional response that surprised a grown chap like myself, but that may be partly due to the man flu I have at the moment. The EP could quite easily be the soundtrack to that movie you watched that made you cry all the way through, but you still watch over and over again. We get the feeling Peter is a humble chap who just really enjoys his music, and this comes across in the quality of the EP. It’s made with love and for that reason alone I hope you love it too.

Verdict: It’s beautiful, delightfully intoxicating, and just a little bit sad, but I love it. Now pass me the tissues.