Review: Sea Bed @ The Prince Albert 20/04/15

Sea Bed Live Music Review Brighton Blog

My body may well have been in the Prince Albert, Brighton at 8:30PM on a Monday night, but my mind was somewhere else entirely when Sea Bed came on stage. The opening act of the night, Sea Bed are a fresh out of the studio duo with a lot to offer the world.

Where exactly was my mind that night I hear you ask? Well, Sea Bed – through their Audio Visual show, had transported me to 4am at a festival; mud, sweat MDMA & all. Watching and listening was like a trip, and I could almost feel the drugs coursing through my veins again, my pupils widening as the 4/4 beat, haunting vocals and oh so sweet bass line caused me to relapse back to summers of old. This is electro house done right. Their set is polished, reminding me of all the things I love about dance music (the festivals mostly) and any act that can recreate that high without giving me a comedown are all good in my book.

Verdict: Will try injecting Sea Bed directly into the bloodstream next time for a faster hit.