Nordic Giants – A Séance Of Dark Delusions

I’m very excited. I first met Nordic Giants at Meadowlands Festival a few years back, whilst working as a stage manager. Since then I have been more than impressed by their stage presence, artistic creativity and sound. Could Nordic Giants be the perfect package? In terms of reviews for Art Noise they certainly are, bridging the gap between traditional art forms and music, meaning this review falls both in to the Art & Noise categories on the site (a first!).

So what is A Séance Of Dark Delusions? Well it’s an audio visual experience, and although I look forward to receiving my vinyl LP, listening to it without the visuals will not do it the justice it deserves. ‘Apocalyptic Soundscapes’ is what Nordic Giants call it, and I couldn’t agree more. Think barren wastelands, mysterious characters and a sense of adventuring into the unknown. It’s intricate, layered, and almost unnerving. You recognise this landscape you walk through, but everything is different, desolate and it fills you with just a hint of unnerving fear.

It’s mesmerising to watch, and I will be looking forward to catching Nordic Giants in Brighton when the tour takes them to Brighton on May 9th.

Verdict: If World War 3 takes place and you find yourself wandering through a nuclear fallout ridden wasteland, stick this on your iPod and feel at home. Until then watch the video above and buy the album!