Grymm – Dream of You

Imagine wandering through a dreamscape, thick with mist and ambiguity, lost in your thoughts but filled with determination. This is the imagery this song conjures. What starts with feelings of loss becomes a fuelled search of purpose, frustration and drive. The pace quickens and before you know it your thrown into a driving alt-rock anthem. There’s something haunting about the whole affair, a crescendo that builds you to one final ending. Except, and this is probably my only gripe, there’s an unnatural fade meeting us at the end, that whilst soothing in the way it gives way to hymn-like vocals leaves me feeling a tad cheated after such a well paced build up throughout the song. I’m not sure what could have been done here, an abrupt crashing halt? The guitar distortion left to echo out as the vocals carried on perhaps? Either way, it is a small grievance in what is an otherwise beautifully entrancing step through a haunting dream.

Verdict: A dream that builds in intensity, from calm and confused to driven and determined.

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