Cult Milk: Drawing Club @ The Hope & Ruin (14/03/17)

Drawing Club March 2017

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Drawing Club – where artistic creativity runs free, and phallic themes are rife (you can thank organisers Cult Milk for that). Taking place at The Hope & Ruin every 2nd Tuesday of the month, the free event sees participants attempting to draw their way to winning prizes.

Prizes are awarded for:

  • The creepiest, weirdest game of consequence
  • The most imaginative dick drawing
  • The raddest themed illustration (each month has a different theme – March’s was ‘What’s really at the end of the rainbow’)

So what can you expect apart from solicited dick pics? Ultimately it’s a great experience, and having turned up on my own quickly made friends with more talented doodlers as we worked together to create some truly bizarre creations. While I struggled to find my rhythm with this month’s themed drawing, my imaginative dick drawing is something I’m probably little too proud of – a huge penis towering over a city skyline at sunset.

The game of consequence always results in fascinating (or horrifying) results – with multiple people contributing to create strange creatures (see the gallery below for examples), and revealing the full picture after everyone has drawn their part is always hilarious – this should be a must-play game at parties.

No matter your skill level with a pen or pencil you’ll find Drawing Club to be a rewarding experience where you’ll be welcomed to a table to find yourself drawing penises, monsters and whatever else you warped mind can conjure up.

See you at the next one?

Drawing Club is hosted by Cult Milk and takes place on the second Tuesday of every month at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton.

Facebook event for April 2017 Drawing Club.