New Video for Where Fires Are

‘I’ve Got The Time’ is the first release from Leed’s flamboyant alternative 5-piece Where Fires Are.

A sea of green is the meta-lyrical theme for the simple yet effective video which lets the music do the talking. Launching into a driving anti-melody, the track takes a softer melodic turn as vocalist Robbie Gillespe twists a theatrical thread through the verse. There’s a skillful Interplay between vocals and instruments as the chorus approaches and silence is well placed to let vocal harmonies shine. Band members’ faces pass in mysterious shadows with little detail beyond their trademark face paint in the same way that various genres and influences surface and bubble within the track. You’re aware they’re there but they’re fleeting from moment to moment and evolving into something new at every turn. Influences such as Incubus and Biffy Clyro can be glimpsed but the offering from Where Fires Are shapes a sound which is all their own.

Our verdict: Catchy and original, the track is the perfect introduction to a band which refuse to be pigeonholed.

By Terri Witherden