I have always been a bit of a fan of tilt shift photography, and when done right it can give a beautiful perspective to a landscape, especially cities. This video is no exception, and portrays Sydney rather magnificently.

One to watch: Tiny Sydney

I shall let this one speak for itself. FinJin does a fantastic job of remixing Brighton band Them The Sky, with this version of Fall picking out Joe’s haunting melodies and  looping some of the keys and guitar until you get the result: a relaxing simplified and all together refreshing […]

Them The Sky – Fall (FinJin Remix)

Hello, we love you Brighton Photographers, you are all such lovely folk. Any how, we want to feature your favourite photo that you have ever taken on our site in a digital gallery. I know this can be difficult, and some of your favourite shots may look out of place […]

Brighton Photography Feature: We need you!

Brighton based music review website.
DSC_0018.JPG Image 1 of 14 The moustache twiddling, banjolele strumming gentleman of hip hop was polite enough to let Art Noise grab him for a quick interview after his performance at Brixton Jamm on 14/12/13. You’ve just got back from America, how was it? Mr. B: America was a lot […]

Interview with Mr. B (14-12-13)

London music review
It was all Delight without Fear as The Correspondents played to a sold out crowd in Brixton, and once again showed why their album will be the one to look out for in 2014. Following on from our review of their latest single Fear & Delight, Art Noise were delighted […]

The Correspondents Live @ Brixton Jamm + Interview

Crack The Surface – Episode I from SilentUK on Vimeo. Urban Exploration is a relatively new phenomenon, in which people risk life and limb to explore their cities more secretive places. Heading into underground sewer systems, abandoned buildings and half built skyscrapers to find views that your average Joe will […]

One To Watch: Crack The Surface

The Correspondents are without a doubt one of the best duos in music right now. Chucks’ production skills combined with Mr. Bruce’s flamboyant stage presence have turned them into a live act you simply must see. Don’t just take our word for it either, The Telegraph have sung their praises […]

The Correspondents – Fear & Delight

OK so before you hit play you may want a little back story as to why we chose to include this. Basically whilst we were at Green Man festival this summer we ventured into the cinema tent and found this playing. It looks like Nathan Barley designed a video for […]

One to watch: Aeroplane – Superstar Music Video

Art On Fire – Stunningly Beautiful Burning Man 2013 Time Lapse from Spark Pictures on Vimeo. This video is a rather beautiful time lapse taken at the Burning Man festival. Text from the video: ‘Stunningly beautiful Burning Man 2013 time lapse film by cinematographer Daniel Kelly Brown set to the […]

One to watch: Art on Fire

  It is strange to think that on June 23rd 2011 Them The Sky played their debut gig. The venue: Green Door Store. The event: Art Noise ‘The Glamour Issue’. It was in fact only our second event ever, and it really set the standard for the quality which we […]

Them The Sky – Echolalia EP

  This comes straight out of Prescription Art, who have just opened up a permanent gallery in Brighton over at 1 Beaconsfield Parade, BN1 6DN. Last time I went to a pop-up Prescription Art gallery was a few years back, so it’s great to see they have finally got a permanent […]

Editors Choice: 8-bitscapes

Sunnyside Sessions Vol. 1 by Stewart Noise on Mixcloud   The Sunnyside Sessions are a new series of mixes, showcasing a general vibe of soulful funky jazzy danceable tracks. It starts out with a super funky opener, before delving into some deep house inspired by italian jazz. It moves into […]

Sunnyside Sessions Vol. 1