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I like reviewing singles, especially when they pull such a strong image to the front of my mind. I also like relaxing feel good music, and luckily that is what we have here. Slow Down is the music playing as you sleepily drive home after a weekend at your favourite festival. Driving […]

Farrow – Slow Down

Review of Brighton Musicians
The opening track of this album is ironic. ‘December’ is like getting a hug from summer itself, and not that awful British summer where it rains a lot. The first thing I thought when putting it on was that the clouds outside my window should instantly disappear, rolling away to reveal […]

Great Pagans – Cupid In Error

Sea Bed Live Music Review Brighton Blog
My body may well have been in the Prince Albert, Brighton at 8:30PM on a Monday night, but my mind was somewhere else entirely when Sea Bed came on stage. The opening act of the night, Sea Bed are a fresh out of the studio duo with a lot to […]

Review: Sea Bed @ The Prince Albert 20/04/15

Art Noise review Peter Mercer
11 is the debut EP from Peter Mercer, a London based acoustic act who isn’t afraid to blend soft synth electronica alongside his vocals and guitar. Tell Me is the stand out track for this, and it delivers an emotional soundscape that seems to have influences in both the folk and […]

Peter Mercer – 11 EP

To tie in with Record Store Day 2015, Pop Up Brighton have been hosting a record shop all week selling only local artists work. On top of selling records, CD’s and merch, they are also hosting intimate acoustic gigs too. I popped down to take a look and was not […]

Review: Strange Cages + Ferdi @ Pop Up Brighton ‘Local ...