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Reviews of releases by musicians and bands from Brighton & beyond.

Tuval is a 19 year old song writing muli-instrumentalist producer, who for the last 3 years has kept re-shaping and innovating his music which lurks and haunts Brighton Town. His new video emerges to the surface, taking us along a dreamlike ride of confusion, hysteria, beauty and vigour. In the […]

Tuval – In My Head (New Video)

shoegaze brighton record review
At the time of writing this review I am sitting in my apartment whilst outside Brighton slowly freezes over. The cold January air and dark night sky are enough to make any man forget there ever was a summer, or even a spring for that matter. The world is grey, […]

Colour of Spring – Pillow

DJ Krafty Kuts mix star wars
Krafty Kuts Star Wars Mini Mix by Krafty Kuts on Mixcloud I’ve always rated Krafty Kuts, an inspiration for my own DJing (although I must hastily add I never got near his scratching and cutting skills, even when I practised for days). This fantastic little mix should get everyone in […]

Krafty Kuts – Star Wars Mini Mix

SmallPrint Recordings Integer - Rivière Noire
We are big fans of the Brighton based label Smallprint. This EP from Integer is a real testament to their ‘future:ambient’ sound, however there is definitely a little more energy in this release. The tracks have a sense of urgency and pace, we have gone from lounging in a space […]

Integer – Rivière Noire EP

I like this (obviously, why else would it be an editors pick?). It reminds me of some adventure through a forest. Haunting and yet homely. It’s blissful folk music, so go enjoy it. Find more of his stuff here:

Editors Pick: Conner Youngblood – The Birds of Finland

flamingosis music review blog brighton
Do you remember Hey Arnold? Well this chilled out ambient hip-hop tune has all the feel of that brilliant 90’s cartoon’s soundtrack stuffed in to it, which is why I assume the producer gave it such an apt name. Sit back, relax and enjoy this, or come up with a freestyle […]

Editors Pick: Flamingosis – Football Head

My birthday gift from a good friend? Well he sent me a link to this. A wonderfully ambient hour of music, simply by playing the Jurassic Park theme at a 1000% slower speed. Escapism at its finest. Enjoy!

Editors Pick: Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower)

brihton music Farrow band
I like reviewing singles, especially when they pull such a strong image to the front of my mind. I also like relaxing feel good music, and luckily that is what we have here. Slow Down is the music playing as you sleepily drive home after a weekend at your favourite festival. Driving […]

Farrow – Slow Down

New Moon Brighton Music Review
We have an audio visual treat for you all today. Common Tongues have a new single titled ‘New Moon’ complete with a video. The gif above pretty much captures the gist of the video. Two women have a big fight, but it’s all in reverse you see. There are flashbacks to […]

Common Tongues – New Moon

Review of Brighton Musicians
The opening track of this album is ironic. ‘December’ is like getting a hug from summer itself, and not that awful British summer where it rains a lot. The first thing I thought when putting it on was that the clouds outside my window should instantly disappear, rolling away to reveal […]

Great Pagans – Cupid In Error

Nordic Giant post rock muic Brighton review of music
I’m very excited. I first met Nordic Giants at Meadowlands Festival a few years back, whilst working as a stage manager. Since then I have been more than impressed by their stage presence, artistic creativity and sound. Could Nordic Giants be the perfect package? In terms of reviews for Art […]

Nordic Giants – A Séance Of Dark Delusions

Art Noise review Peter Mercer
11 is the debut EP from Peter Mercer, a London based acoustic act who isn’t afraid to blend soft synth electronica alongside his vocals and guitar. Tell Me is the stand out track for this, and it delivers an emotional soundscape that seems to have influences in both the folk and […]

Peter Mercer – 11 EP